2018 UpdateI’m thrilled to be in a new chapter of my life. I’m dating a very smart, incredibly nice, funny Muslim guy with money.


It’s by far the best sex of my life, not bad for a 48-year old gal! His birthday is the day after mine, which I think is SO cool AND he lives for adventure as much as I do…as in travel, tantra, and living well. I drown in his brown eyes and he loves my eyes and actually SEES me for me. And did I mention he’s the best sex of my life. Never have I ever had it so. Damn. Good. Yes, I’m happy. Lord knows I deserve it!


I always craved adventure outside of my hometown in East Texas. As an adult, I’ve lived in WI, TX, NJ, and NY…until 2014, when my then-boyfriend RD & I left NYC to move to Los Angeles and start a new life together. During our 16 months living in SoCal, we had bad fights, soul-sucking tension, but also great moments like visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time, attending a taping of Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show…TWICE!  However, L.A. brought out the WORST in us. I loved the beaches & mountains but hated the lack of good Chinese takeout or real pizza, the CONSTANT presence of vapid millennial clichés, lack of any personality, no one dressing well, and the horrific traffic. Hence, yes, L.A. crushed my spirit…yet he LOVED Los Angeles and Hollywood inspired his pipe dreams. By JULY 2016, we were back in NYC but living apart after spending 6 months living 1,500 MILES APART…stupid me hoped he’d wakeup and grow up. However, a manchild ONLY cares for himself. No matter how much we fought, we agree the best part of Los Angeles was finding our tortoiseshell cat named Puff who had sweet tortitude. Sadly, Puff was cremated in summer of 2017 after passing away from renal failure at age 19. My heart will never be the same. I love her so much I cannot find the words! She was such a good spirit. Puff was so special, loving, and peaceful, I have a Flickr album dedicated to her!


I graduated UW-Milwaukee with a B.A. in English and a focus on Creative Writing and Vocal Performance. As an alto, I was part of a performance of Brahm’s “Ein Deutsches Requiem”at Carnegie Hall in 1996. UWM  blessed me with 2 exceptional professors: David Treuer (short story) and Susan Firer (poetry). In 2008, I was a paid writer and producer at Adforum.



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