Krista Kennedy “Textual Machinery: Authorial Agency…”

This essay, but one of many chapters of a writing program series at Syracuse University, was interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it taught me new words (bifurcation) and concepts (Turing Test). Secondly, I learned that there is a powerful existence in our midst, that of a bot. Bots apparently do a lot of typo and grammar work but go beyond that to often do work faster and just as accurately as a human. Read More


“Collaboration and Concepts of Authorship” by M. T. Inge

Accept that the idea of a single author is simply no longer viable. Boom. Do not question this! Inge barks loudly about this which makes me, a writer, more than a little annoyed. Why? Inge insists authors are not individual creators in our modern digital world. Instead, texts are the culmination of many discourses: the environment(s) in which writing happens, the writer’s mental state and pressures upon that writer, and the reader/audience expected to get/consume the final print version. (623) No writing can escape the influences that created it, Inge’s claim to which I concur. Everything is “socially constructed” indeed. (623)