How Do You Breakup with A Psychopath?

It’s not a trick question. I am seriously wondering.

I want peace. I am tired of fighting. I am sick of being hurt without remorse from him, the soulless, selfish, sadist he is. I hate that I remember the good times. The bad times make a break easy, it’s the good times and many ‘firsts’ that make it PAINFUL as hell to think of life without him. I am tired of being mad at him. I am tired of being angry at him. I hate him for being so cruel to me and never apologizing for his rampant disrespect. I am broken, dissected, insulted, and bitter…and he could not care less.

When he says ‘i love you’ i feel angry because it’s a lie. I am tired of being his fucking ATM because god forbid he pay one dime for anything, why should he when he has me to use and abuse and treat like a doormat?

‘I LOVE YOU’ is something I only want to hear in sincerity. However, the only person he truly loves is himself, although his neurotic, antisocial, malodorous, witch ex-girlfriend would be a close second. They deserve each other, both co-dependent, neurotic, hateful, cruel, and selfish.

I WASTED OVER 5 YEARS ON THIS MAN…as sweet as i am to him, always encouraging him, he can’t have my back when it gets bad. When I am with him, I might as well be alone because he doesn’t care about me after ALL I HAVE DONE FOR HIM….i am so bitter and angry…….but he will never find someone as good as me. i know this in my heart.

him losing me is his loss. me losing him is losing 160 pounds of dead weight.


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