2015 Digital Writing class

This class required me to create a blog. After a solid decade of resisting the idea, I had to for a Fall 2015 class, English 459 at CSUN also known as Cal State-Northridge. I always thought that having a blog was ridiculous and something millennials did to express their every. single. thought. I am proud Gen X, what business did I have blogging? What good was there in posting my musings for the world to read? While I still harbor serious concerns about blogging and what I consider a chronic, cultural obsession with over-sharing, I found a book, Using Blogs to Enhance Literacy: The Next Powerful Step in 21st-Century Learning, in which Diane Penrod opines that blogs can serve a good purpose. Tell me more, I thought. I began to accept that there are pros & cons to new technology. On page 3, Penrod lists 5 reasons why people blog: it’s easy, reforms info, it’s a malleable genre, allows you to create a new persona, and it empowers those who otherwise may have no voice.

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Penrod, Diane. Using Blogs to Enhance Literacy: The next Powerful Step in 21st-century Learning. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2007. Print.