Audio Narrative

This blog post about storytelling with voice inspired me to use my voice (which has always gotten me compliments) to express my musings on life. Podcasts fascinate me because they have no visual component, rather, they force the listener to focus on the words, the nuances that are frankly often lost in the modern sea of visual over-saturation. Sometimes it’s nice to let your ears do the work and rest your eyes. For me, audio projects are liberating because they let me emote as much as possible with just my voice. In the new year (2016) I am considering a foray into podcasts. It’s a thought; it’s a possibility.

This was the class’s first assignment and was my first time using GarageBand. It was also my first time using the camera provided by the university, and frankly, the mic system wasn’t great, so I apologize for the lousy sound. It was my first project, so while the sound isn’t ideal, I think I did a good job expressing my digital background and view of the culture in which we live. Listen below: